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Coaching Videos

1. Coaching and Teamwork. Jessica Wilbur and Erica Ricker discuss their coaching experiences. They relate the benefits of working as a team in an approach unique to services provided by speech pathologists at WCGH.

2. WCGH's Team Approach to Speech Therapy: Mike discusses the team approach used by WCGH's speech pathologists allowing for authentic treatment with high quality teacher and parent involvement.

Telepractice Videos

1. A five-minute introduction to telepractice services showing examples of two preschool children receiving telepractice.

2. Our Approach to Telepractice Services: Mike Towey discusses how WCGH approaches telepractice services to assure you receive the highest quality therapy.

3. How Telepractice Voice Treatment Works Right From Your Home. 
Some people wonder how speech therapy can work, right on their home computer. This video shows our certified therapist demonstrating therapy techniques with a man with Parkinson's disease, right in his home.

Literacy Videos

1. Phonological Awareness. Jenn demonstrates several phonological awareness activities.

2. Print Awareness. Jenn targets several print awareness activities within a book share.

3. Language Literacy Activities. Jessie completes a song routine and an alphabet recognition task within an individual therapy session.

4. Explicit Embedded Book Sharing. See one of our therapists working with a preschool child building his early reading and speech skills.

5. Reading Tips Jenn Whitcomb offers parents some helpful tips and activities for students to maintain and build language literacy skills during vacation.

Voice and Swallowing Videos

1. Erica Ricker discusses Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) research with Parkinson's clients.

2. Irritable Larynx Syndrome & Chronic Cough
. Many people have a cough that just won't seem to go away and continues for months and sometimes years. They've tried everything but nothing seems to help. This video describes chronic cough and successful treatment in a few short visits at the Voice & Swallowing Center of Maine. Treatment is available right at your home computer through the Voice & Swallowing Center's telepractice service.

3. Inside the Voice. Utilizing state of the art fiberoptic imaging you see actual vocal folds in motion as a talented vocal performer sings the national anthem. An amazing look inside the voice!

4. Normal Vocal Fold Movement. Using the most advanced fiberoptic video imaging, see how the vocal folds actually move during voice, when coughing, and singing a familiar song.