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Speech Therapy

Speech therapy at Waldo County General Hospital is family-centered with proven results. Our therapists are skilled in working with parents, daycare providers and teachers to create activities in a child's daily environment to develop speech, language and school readiness skills. The evidence is clear that good speech skills developed in the preschool years reduces reading problems in school.

Amy Reid with client

Our therapy activities build literacy skills in children from birth to age five. We individualize our instruction and provide digital video recordings to provide parent support. We use research-based treatment approaches. This assures high value to parents and children.

If you have concerns about your child's speech development you should act. Quality speech therapy can help your child avoid lifelong difficulties resulting from early speech and language delays.

Take a few moments to evaluate your child's speech development. Find out more about different tips to enhance your child's early reading-readiness. Find out how you can assess your child's early speech and reading development.

Making High Tech Connections

Jessie Wilbur provides telepractice services. Find out how you can use the exciting technology of your computer, a web cam and video conferencing to connect with us.

Bring high quality online speech therapy into your home for your child.

Your child should never be on a waiting list for therapy!

To learn more about telepractice, click here or contact the Speech Therapy department at 207-505-4409 or by email at [email protected].