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The Voice and Swallowing Center of Maine

The Voice and Swallowing Center of Maine offers specialized evaluation and care for individuals with voice and swallowing disorders.

Established in April 2001, it is the first facility in Maine to offer these comprehensive services and is committed to providing the highest quality of care to Maine residents.

The Voice and Swallowing Center of Maine serves as a resource for anyone with a voice or swallowing disorder and for those who use their voices professionally. Our center uses the most advanced technology to evaluate vocal fold movement and voice problems, essential for proper treatment.


Pediatric Feeding & Swallowing Center of Maine



The Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing Center of Maine offers high quality evaluation, consultations, program planning and treatment for pediatric feeding and swallowing problems that includes infants, children and their families.


Services include initial evaluations, re-evaluations, program planning, and consultation with existing services to support parents and early intervention specialists. We offer direct treatment. Click here for more information and what to expect if you work with this special team.


For children living in remote areas, services can be provided directly in the child's home or preschool setting by using video conferencing on computers.


We work with families to achieve the best feeding and swallowing results for each child. We want to make sure the child is successful when eating and swallowing to meet safety and nutritional needs and help the child enjoy feeding times together with the family.

The Voice and Swallowing Center can be contacted by telephone at (207) 505-4409 or by email at [email protected]