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Speech Telepractice

Speech telepractice uses a computer with a video connection to provide speech therapy ito preschoolers and school-aged children. The therapy connection is private and secure.

Speech Telepractice Staff at Waldo County General Hospital

The right therapist at the right time with the right therapy

Using authentic and individualized materials allows us to make personal connections with each client. Working closely with parents and certified eHelpers using our coaching approach allows us to create partnerships in sharing information and strategies.

Many of our clients even receive therapy with more than one therapist! This team approach allows us to offer talents and skills from different therapists to match with your child's unique learning interests and profile. It gives children learning opportunities in multiple contexts, a key to accelerated learning.

Bottom line? Children working with a telepractice team approach demonstrate more rapid gains in therapy because they practice skills with different teachers. This gives them a big advantage when entering school. They have already developed many of the speech language learning skills needed to be "reading ready".

We have been tracking our speech telepractice results with the results of our traditional Nathan provides speech telepractice services.table top therapy sessions using national standard data base. our telepractice sessions match and often exceed those traditional in-person services.

The Speech Therapy Department at Waldo County General Hospital is approved to provide speech therapy telepractice through insurance companies and the State of Maine

Click here for a brochure with more information about speech telepractice.