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Voice Treatment At Home On Your Computer

Need help with a voice disorder or want to improve the sound of your voice? Is your voice unpleasant? Strained? Not effective when speaking to groups or in your job? Can't get the help you need? Too long a drive? Can't find a therapist?

Our voice specialists can help improve your speaking voice in five easy steps with online "face-to-face" coaching.

Erica RickerWe have a nationally certified Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) eLoud therapists who provides face-to-face as well as telepractice services.

Computer Voice & Speech Therapy Solves Your Problem

Your computer brings our expert therapists right to your home for individual, personalized therapy for your voice or swallowing problem.

Telepractice uses computers to connect individuals with speech, voice and swallowing problems from a distance.

Using a standard web camera and online video connections, Voice & Swallowing Center therapists offer live interactive face-to-face treatment using your home computer. Connection is very easy, with no complicated computer directions. If you can open email, you can connect to our password protected online service.

Special Therapist Skills Needed

This is not typical speech therapy. Voice & Swallowing Center specialists are among the most skilled and experienced in telepractice and coaching services. The voice Erica Ricker provides telepractice.specialists at the Voice & Swallowing Center of Maine are experienced working with individuals with voice disorders and with professional speakers in major corporations.

Effectiveness of Telepractice

A large number of studies have been conducted to determine if speech telepractice provided through computers is as effective as face-to-face. When properly used, often the results are better when skilled, experienced speech language pathologists are used.

Getting Started

If you have been seen by a doctor and diagnosed with a voice or swallowing disorder, a visit to the Voice and Swallowing Center may required for complete voice evaluation before considering telepractice. Sometimes a complete evaluation has been done at another facility and that may be adequate to get started.


The cost is no more than traditional "in the clinic" therapy. Insurance companies will  pay for telepractice, if it would normally be covered onsite. When the savings associated with eliminating travel to therapy and the ability to access skilled voice therapists are considered, telepractice is a good value.

The Voice and Swallowing Center can be contacted by telephone at (207) 505-4409 or by email at [email protected]