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Individual Speech Therapy

Amy Reid, M.A., CCC-SLP using iPad with clientIndividual speech therapy services are provided by skilled speech language pathologists to build your child's communication skills. Therapy activities focus on specific sets of skills written in each child's plan.

Individual speech therapy also typically includes parents who are present and participate in the individual therapy.
This allows parents to fully understand the treatment and more importantly acquire the skills to best help their child develop and carry over new skills in natural settings.

Individual therapy is often the most appropriate way Jenn Whitcomb completes a book share with a client. to begin working with children so they can learn quickly. We want your child to be ready to read when they enter kindergarten. Our treatment plans all include a strong emphasis on helping your child build the language literacy skills necessary to be successful in school.

In some cases individual therapy will be provided in conjunction with other group treatment or through consultation and planning with preschool or school personnel. Click here for frequently asked questions.

Group Speech Therapy

Children may be seen in small group therapy sessions. A group speech therapy session allows a skilled therapist to provide guided instruction to assure that each child has an opportunity to participate and practice new speech skills.

Nathan works with students in a language literacy group session. Children with speech and language delays typically "get lost" in the larger classroom setting and often don't have an opportunity to feel successful in interacting with other children.

Small group speech therapy helps assure children develop confidence and good self-esteem about speech, which can lead to more rapid progress.

Group therapy is recommended for children when professional judgment suggests that is the most appropriate method to help a child.

Children who receive services from an educational agency such as a school district or child development services are governed by federal regulations. These federal regulations state that services for children must be provided to the "maximum extent appropriate in natural environments including the home and community settings in which children without disabilities participate."

We support federal laws that aim to provide services in the least restrictive environment for children. Our efforts are to assure that the services provided, regardless of the environment, are most appropriate to assure success for the child. We provide relevant interventions and utilize a wide variety of approaches and techniques.


WCGH provides a wide range of therapy services. We offer comprehensive assessments within a family-system approach. The speech department offers extensive assessment and therapy for clients utilizing augmentative communication.

Contact the Speech-Language Pathology Department for more information.