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Literacy and School Readiness

Speech therapy assures the best school readiness possible. Parents are often concerned about dyslexia. Good speech and language skills are the single most important determinant affecting your child's ability to read.

Speech development and reducing dyslexia related problems are directly linked. Research Nathan works in a language literacy group.tells us that 77% of children who do not start school with good speech, language and reading skills will not be good readers in fourth grade.

While we don't pretend to have a crystal ball, we do know that the progress your child makes in speech and language development will greatly help in making learning to read a more enjoyable and successful experience.

When your child enters kindergarten, the learning activities at school depend heavily on a child's ability to use the sounds of speech and sentences. Early speech and language learning lays the foundation for reading and academic success. Here are some skills needed for your child to be ready for kindergarten.

Jenn shows BEEPS bookshare data Jenn helps children work on literacy skills

Strong skill development in emerging literacy skills is an important part of what we will be doing with your child. Our work with you and your child will help your child learn speech and language skills necessary for academic and social success.

We appreciate your interest in these specialized and innovative services and look forward to talking to you more about how we may help your child build literacy skills.

Contact the Speech-Language Pathology Department for more information.