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High Resolution Esophageal and Pharyngeal Manometry

High Resolution Esophageal Manometry: Manometry is an in-office test to evaluate how the swallowing muscles in the esophagus and throat are working when food gets "stuck" or there is a bothersome "lump" in the throat.

Peter Belfasky, MD; Zoe Kennedy, M.S., CCC-SLP; Erica James, M.A., CCC-SLPThe test takes a few minutes with the patient wide awake.

Some "numbing spray" is used and a very thin tube is swallowed. Some people may gag a bit, but most everyone tolerates the procedure well. Several swallows of liquid are completed to measure the swallow function. The test is completed in a few minutes.

How Manometry Helps: Your physician may order high-resolution manometry to assess the muscle function of the esophagus for several purposes: to provide preoperative evaluation for corrective reflux surgery; to offer postoperative evaluation of swallowing in patients after corrective reflux surgery or after treatment of esophageal movement disorders; information prior to 24 Hr Esophageal pH monitoring to assess the correct location for proper positioning of the sensors; or evaluation of esophageal movement problems associated with systemic diseases.

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The Voice and Swallowing Center of Maine provides comprehensive voice and swallow evaluations unavailable at any other facility in Maine. We provide the following services: high-resolution esophageal manomety, high resolution pharyngeal manometry, 24-hour pH reflux monitoring, fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing (FEES), and modified barium studies.

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